Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Top 10 80's fads that NEED to come back!

Ah the 80's, was there a greater era for out of this world fashions and over the top fads? Never before did we see so many fly by night trends that were hotter than Joan Jett one minute and gone the next. Today we look at 10 fads from the Reagan era that we think REALLY need to make a comeback!

10. Speak and Spell: How epic was a game that bitched you out if you made a mistake? Not to mention the ability to make the game say the swear words of your choice. If Drew Barrymore can make a comeback so can the REAL star of E.T. (Henry Thomas needs to come back too but that's a whole other blog.)

9. Play Doh: Fun to play with, even funner to eat!

8. Pullover baseball jerseys:

Nuff said.

7. Read Along Storybook/Records! These were the coolest things ever, especially before the internet but can you imagine how epic these would be today?

6. Pogo Bal: This is a fad that I hated when I was a kid but now I see the marketing potential of hotties bouncing on these pieces of crap. Bring it back, we need excuses to see girls bouncing up and down for hours on end!

5. Madballs! Gross for one, gross for all and totally fucked up!

4. Leotards and Leg Warmers: Guys, are you tired of girls wearing t-shirts and pants at Yoga class? There needs to be a petition to mandate the return of leotards and leg warmers to our exercise studios nationwide STAT!

*Can you imagine THESE girls bouncing on Pogo Ball's? @_@

3. Cut off Tour T-Shirts: They made fat guys look buff, buff guys look skinny and all girls look stacked. These shirts were the great equalizer!

2. VCR Board Games: After the video game industry in America crashed in 1983 Hollywood thought the next generation of gaming would be interactive VHS board games. They were wrong. Fuck the board games, I just want epic videos like this back! They couldn't be much worse than reruns of Friends on Peachtree...

And now our Number 1. 80's fad that needs to make a comeback:

1. THE CANADIAN TUXEDO!!!!! Fads come and fads go but girls in jean jackets and tight jeans NEVER get old. Fuck 70's leisure suits, give me some denim!

Look me in the eye and tell me THIS isn't the very definition of chic fashion!

Like the list? Got something I missed? Be sure to comment and let me know what you think!


  1. I totally agree with you folks on that the leotard and legwarmers need to come back to exercise studios everywhere. :)

    Actually, some men also wore leotards and leg warmers back in the 80's, not only girls, as both leotards and leg warmers are unisex. Did you know that leotards were originally intended to be worn by men, but they evolved in popularity with ladies.

    As a guy, I still love wearing my leotards and leg warmers sometimes when I exercise, and I'm not shy to wear them to my exercise studio when they are back in fashion. ;)

    Warmly yours,
    Chris Kennedy

  2. Thanks for the response Chris, it's much appreciated. Legwarmers are definitely making a comeback but girls in one piece leotards is something that NEEDS to make a comeback too! :)

  3. Hey you folks at Venus Spa and everybody else out there! ;)

    You're gonna love my youtube channel chrisaerobics.

    Go to http://youtube.com/user/chrisaerobics

    Actually I will be putting up videos starting this Summer! :D Lots of videos of me wearing leotards while getting a great workout with you all! ;)

    You all take care, and hope you enjoy my site! :)

    Chris Kennedy

    P.S.- This gentleman, me that is, is already getting excited to revolutionize exercise the classic way! ;)